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John Burkhart

Transit Market Manager
5. Ausstattung

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +18148683691 ext259
Mobil: +18144403654


Haysite Reinforced Plastics LLC
5599 New Perry Highway
Erie, PA 16509
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Haysite Reinforced Plastics

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Transit Customers who are interested in buying composite flooring


Composite Core Sub flooring Pultruded Sheets, Shapes and Profiles Compression Molded Sheets FRP Products


Haysite Reinforced Plastics LLC

Haysite Reinforced Plastics LLC



We know composites, now get to know us

Haysite offers unique composite products that are an excellent fit for transit applications- H1000 Electrical Insulation and Dura Core 1000 Composite Sub-flooring. From third rail brackets & cover boards to shims and wire supports, products made with Haysite’s H1000 resin system meet or exceed NYCTA stringent specifications 64 and 65 for FST and strength.

The Dura-Core 1000 is engineered for use as a sub-floor material in light transit rail car interiors, and multi-wheeled vehicle applications. The Dura-Core 1000, Dura-Core 1000B, and Dura-Core 1000H compression molded composite panels combine high strength fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminate H1000 skins with lightweight balsa or thermoplastic foam core material.  Dura Core 1000H comes with heating element option to provide increased passenger comfort and reduced energy cost. The heater assembly is compatible with all types of floor coverings from spray on, rubber, and/or carpet with a temperature variation of +/-2° C across entire panel and a life expectancy of approximately 200,000 operating hours. 

The Dura-Core 1000 panel is halogen & formaldehyde free, exhibits excellent load & impact characteristics along with very low flame, smoke, and toxicity properties (FST) that meet all typical rail transit industry specifications such as ASTM E162, ASTM E662, BSS7239, including European EN-45545-2 HL2. Dura-Core 1000 has also been successfully tested for a Full Scale ASTM E-119 flame specification.

In addition, Dura-Core 1000’s composite weight is much lighter than traditional ply-metal flooring material, offering viable energy savings and cost-efficiencies. The Dura-Core 1000 composite systems physical properties also offer excellent corrosion and chemical resistance while providing very low moisture absorption in a variety of harsh weather environments.

Haysite's H900, H950 and H1000 grades are reliable, consistent GPO-3 materials, and are also very well-suited for transit applications. To determine the best material for your application, review the material specs at www.Haysite.com. There you can find the best combination of UL ratings for flame retardancy, UV and arc protection, Military & non-toxicity specifications and much more.

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