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Rue du Charbonnage 20
Wallonische Region


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +32 4 239 73 41

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Since 1982, KST is developing and manufacturing electronic and lighting equipments for trains, high speed trains, metros, tramways and buses.

Our product manufacturing is totally achieved in our own workshops. The products are checked by numerous internal tests and external tests in independent laboratories.

There is a full and permanent quality control, from design to manufacturing.

The high level of quality and reliability of KST products are well known. Especially a high MTBF and a very low return rate

Our products meet most of international and many national norms ( Ex : IEC, EN, UIC, NF F, SNCF, SNCB, DB, STIB, …)

KST has a strong commitment to continually improve its products

KST has a high capacity to meet your expectations, is service minded and has a fast reactivity.

The Electronic and Lighting Department provides

The design and manufacturing of complete lighting system as reading lamps, passenger compartment lighting, luggage rack lighting, vestibules, toilets, gangways, emergency, etc ...

The manufacturing and the supply of a wide range of electronic DC and AC inverters and converters.

The supply of lighting products : TL tubes T5 or T8, Fluo-compact lamps, LED lamps, sockets, halogen lamps, connectors, cabling,voltage regulation cards, electronic racks (specific functions, relay racks,...).