MÁV-START Vasúti Személyszállitó Zrt.


Köyves Kálmán körút 54-60

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The Company  MÁV-START Co. is a subsidiary of MÁV Co. Its primary activity is railway passenger transportation. This main activity is supported by other basic functions, like Rolling Stock Maintenance and Repair as well as Traction Services. 

The Company is considered as the most dominant Passenger Railway Operator in Hungary and manages to run average 3 000 trains / day, almost one million trains a year. Integrated interval Timetable is implemented on the whole network.
Rail public transportation services are used by 140 million domestic passengers (7 billion pkm) / year, and this number in international trains is 2,8 million passengers (440 million pkm) / year.

MÁV-START has a vehicle fleet stock in total of 2 700 units of passenger vehicles, 420 vehicles are multiple units and railcars and 2 290 units are passenger couches.

Company Strategic Goals: One of the most important objectives of MÁV-START Co. is to attract more individual travellers’ in the sustainable track-based public transport and to satisfy customers become regular users of our services.

Improvement plans of home passenger transportation: Brand new suburban service is key to be delivered step by step. As a result of infrastructure developments, journey time can be reduced, trains can depart more frequently.

In nationwide, 42 new EMUs started operation in 2014 and another 50 new EMUs in 2015. A Rolling Stock Renewal Program was also launched in 2013 involving Suburb, long-distance and international coaches.

Onboard free Internet access is one of the key elements of the service to be provided in Hungary. MÁV-START targets the leading role in Central-Europe and a high-ranking position in the whole of Europe concerning Internet service provided on trains.

Rolling Stock Maintenance Operation of MÁV-START Zrt  The reliable daily operation of the Company Rolling Stock is ensured by its own specific vehicle maintenance and repair sub-organization. This activity includes wide range of workshop activities from the routine daily inspections to the very complex full vehicle refurbishing jobs. As an extension of the core workshop operation the Company runs an IC+ Demo Passenger Car Production Project in order to establish future series production and new rail passenger couch sales. The design and engineering was created by the Company employed developing team.

Maintenance: Due to the technological upgrades and the strong demand of cost reduction within MÁV Group, the Company implemented a brand new Vehicle Availability Based Maintenance System. The operational availability of the rail vehicles’ group as a stock is in the core of the new system.

Rail passenger car repairs and modernization: Selected rail passenger couches with average conditions are involved in a special Reconditioning Program in order to improve their comfort features’ level. The Program is affected on one third of the total couch stock.

Repair of traction & other electric motors: The main activity of the Company owned electric motor factory is the overhaul and re-coiling of electric machines, repairing transformers and coils used in general the public transport industry.
Freight wagons: Repair jobs are carried out for other home and foreign freight wagon Operators. This activity involves either small repairs or more complex Traffic Authority Tests, performed by dedicated Maintenance Network.
Passenger Couch Production, the IC+ Program: The Company produced two demo passenger couches positioned in intercity operation. The all new IC+ unit is designed as a four-axle, air conditioned, Intercity Plus coach. The maximum travelling speed is 200km/hour.

Traction Services of MÁV-START  The Company has a fleet of approximately 900 vehicles in total, well placed for the widest array of traction and shunting tasks. The Company is in the position to satisfy the needs of its partners who order rail traction services by way of flexible, efficient and diverse services.