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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


Rue Gustave Delory - BP 12
59125 Trith - St - Léger


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 3 27236262
Fax: +33 3 27426211

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MG-Valdunes – Our Business Spirit: Innovation and Performance

MG-Valdunes is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance wheels, axles and wheelsets for all types of rolling stock.

MG-Valdunes products have demonstrated, worldwide, their outstanding quality and performance, and their contribution in reducing the overall costs of operation.

With over 150 years’ experience and a world class team of experts, MG-Valdunes has been at the forefront of innovation in wheelset technologies; pioneer in the development of high speed wheelsets, micro-alloyed steel technology for wheels, rubber sprung resilient wheels, low stress wheel designs, weight, noise and vibration reduction solutions.

By understanding railway operations and constraints, MG-Valdunes can propose custom made solutions which reduce life cycle costs, reduce train operators overall operating costs enhance safety and enable them to operate with complete peace of mind.

Expert in high performance products for high speed, heavy haul, light rail, tramways, metros and urban trains, multiple units and high powered locomotives, MG-Valdunes also supplies wheels, axles and wheelsets for freight cars, locomotives, passenger cars, shunters and for industrial applications such as crane wheels.

In addition to products, MG-Valdunes provides services such as the maintenance of wheelsets and engineering services, design and consultancy.

Since the 2014 takeover by Maanshan Iron and Steel Company, MG-Valdunes, along with our sister company Ma Steel Wheel Company, enjoys the benefits that are associated with being part of a group of over 40 000 employees and with a turnover of 14 billion USD.

This ensures significant ongoing investment in MG-Valdunes production and R&D facilities in Dunkirk and Valenciennes, France and enables us to strengthen even further our business spirit of Innovation and Performance.


Clive Owen

Director, International Sales
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François Demilly

Technical, R&D and Commercial Director
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