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Hrachova 30
821 05 Bratislava


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +421 2 4319 1218
Fax: +421 2 43191220

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Touch the Future. Today!

MOLPIR s.r.o. is a private company founded in 1993, dealing with design, development, production, import and distribution of a wide range of car, truck, bus, coach and train accessories not only on the original territory of Slovak and Czech republic but expanding gradually to neighbouring countries as well as to whole Europe. In 2009, MOLPIR introduced the first digital MOD (Media on Demand) system in Europe. In 2011 MOLPIR has become European FUNTORO Representative for the whole European region and Russian speaking countries with competence to provide complete tailor-made solutions for different customers.

Research and development
MOLPIR as the European FUNTORO representative strongly participates on the applications development for multimedia systems as well as for sightseeing solutions. The development of new features and functions starts already among the students at Slovak Technical University, who bring the new fresh ideas into the development. They have a laboratory with various multimedia equipment available for their studies and graduation thesis. MOLPIR internal team processes the requirements of the customers, market feedback information and prepares tailor-made applications and software.

Complex installation solutions
Thanks to the strong technical and professional background, MOLPIR is capable to provide complex installation solutions, regardless of the application – vehicle with aftermarket installation or coach on production line. Know-how, close cooperation with prestigious designers, available technologies and equipment for prototypes production, cooperation with local moulding and plastic parts producers is leading MOLPIR to be reliable and high quality supplier of complex solutions from the idea to the final implementation.

We care about safety
All used components are in accordance with automotive & railway safety standards. The installation solutions development is also including passengers´ safety aspects and that is the reason why we are testing installation kits in cooperation with seat manufacturers and coach builders in famous European testing laboratories.