Nanov Display, Inc.


1978 NW 82nd Ave
Miami, FL 33126
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 9 616
  • Interiors Interiors

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LCD Hardware Manufacturer — Digital Displays Designed for the Outdoors, Transit, and Beyond

Nanov Display, Inc. is an LCD hardware manufacturer specialized in Information Displays and Kiosks for media, transit, and the outdoors.

NANOV produces robust, digital LCD and LED monitors and exterior signage that can withstand a myriad of environmental challenges: Nanov’s IP65 sealed marine monitors have been impervious to salt-water erosion in the oceans of Miami, Florida, and now have endured hurricane-strength winds; Nanov’s weatherproof digital signage monitors have overcome difficulties brought on by the severe cold and extreme weather conditions of Toronto, Ontario.

Nanov Display has tested its cross-track digital displays in train stations ranging from Edmonton, to Oslo, where they have proven to be dust-proof, withstood challenges posed by incessant train vibrations and train-related horizontal wind loads.

With remote maintenance modules, embedded computers, and highly-customized design—shaped to your specific context and climate—Nanov Display leads the way in all-weather, digital displays meant for the outdoors, transit, and beyond.

Our website is and please contact us at for any questions or product information.