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Shinbundang Railroad B/D, 33, Daewangpangyo-ro 606 beong-gil, Bundang-gu
Korea, Republik

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NEO TRANS, an operation company of DX Line(HRT) & EVER LINE(LRT), has brought huge innovation to the Korean transportation culture and has earned a reputation of operating both heavy and light driverless rail transit simultaneously based on its leading careers and technology gained from railway construction works and operation.

All of our employees share the common organizational culture of doing best in their duties to make preferable outcomes in order to deliver the safe and comfortable service to customers based on No-accident, No-Disaster, and 99.9% of on-time ratio which we have sustained since the opening.

Our steady efforts are recognized by customers through achieving corporate innovation awards, a number of safety related awards and certificates including ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

We are now actively engaging in overseas new rail projects.

From railway construction plan to operation, maintenance, R&D, and PM services, NEO TRANS will be your reliable partner.

Railway Operation (especially, driverless operation system)
  • Driverless system operation
  • Management and operation personnel training
  • Train depot operation
  • Train & station management

Construction & Maintenance
  • Driverless operation system construction
  • Rolling stock, depot, facilities maintenance
  • Integrated computer network building

Project Management / System Engineering
  • Civil engineering & Construction & System Engineering
  • Timely opening Support
  • Technical consulting for trains, trams, etc.
  • Consulting for unmanned technology
  • Technical consulting for driverless train operation

Rental & Advertising
  • Deluxe underground shopping center construction
  • Cutting edge digital ad system development and operation
  • Cultural & convenient space management, etc.

Research & Development
  • R&D and technical advisory service
  • Knowledge-based service of independent R&D Dept.
  • Technical asset configuration management
  • First Korean driverless Heavy Rail Transit (HRT) operation company
  • Simultaneous operation company of driverless heavy & light rail transit
  • Safe train operation under any condition by full automated response system (safety backup system)
  • Automatic control for station machinery & driverless train operation
  • Real-time remote supervision and control by bi-directional communication
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Technological data deposits
  • Auto Jog: Auto Jog is used to perform Automatic Train Alignment when a train fails to stop within the stopping tolerance limits after entering a platform
  • Axle Counter: The Axle Counter detects when a train enters of exits from the installed turnouts area
  • In-train CCTV system: Monitoring circumstance for all operating trains from the OCC in real-time