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Pegamo Industrial Division SL


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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


Poligono Lintzirin Gaina, B2
20180 Oiartzun, Guipúzcoa


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 943373011
Fax: +34 937142157

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Pegamo Group , is a privately held business comprised of three divisions: Forklifts, Industrial Supplies and Railway Depot Equipment.

PEGAMO RAILWAY DEPOT EQUIPMENT, offers besides a specific railway depot equipment, a wide range of common products and services to several industrial processes, such as:

Technical advice, special machinery manufacturing, complete depot equipment, maintenance, after-sales service.

Who we are

PEGAMO EQUIPAMIENTO FERROVIARIO has been applying the latest technologies in Train Depot Equipments for more than 30 years now. Three decades of experience and continuous development give us the opportunity to offer to our customers the best solutions for train manufacturing and its maintenance.

The wide range of equipment required for manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of railway rolling stock, demands the warranty of choosing the best technical choice. Because of this reason, PEGAMO EQUIPAMIENTO FERROVIARIO works actively with their customers designing, developing and manufacturing all the requiring equipments for each project.

PEGAMO EQUIPAMIENTO FERROVIARIO also cooperates with international companies, in order to offer complete solutions for such a dynamic and highly demanding market.

Integral service solutions providers

PEGAMO EQUIPAMIENTO FERROVIARIO is divided into three different Divisions which in turn, are completely independent companies. The three main activities are: Railway Depot Equipment, Industrial Supplies and Fork-lifts.

Due to this variety of markets, PEGAMO Railway Depot Equipment, is able to offer an extensive range of common products and services to several industrial processes, such as:

Technical adviceSpecial machinery manufactureComplete depot equipmentMaintenanceAfter-sales service
PEGAMO EQUIPAMIENTO FERROVIARIO works everyday in order to keep the confidence our customers have placed on our firm these last 30 years.