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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


4 Place Louis Armand
75012 Paris


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 6 80371486
Fax: +33 1 70247468

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The Global Railway Service-Station

RAILSHINE SARL is a leading global player in the development and sales of machinery, equipments and working methods for professional users within the railway industry.

RAILSHINE celebrates in 2016 its 10 years of being, full of successes and projects all over the world. Thanks to its partners and agents, RAILSHINE grew up to become a main player in railway industry.

RAILSHINE is 100% based on railway technologies and mainly focuses on installation and equipement for railway maintenance depots and workshops for rolling stocks.

The Train Feeding Solutions proposed by RAILSHINE gather innovative systems giving optimized answers to feeding needs, whether it is for feeding train with electrical power, or for managing diesel locomotive refueling.

RAILSHINE solutions are in used by tens of national railways all over the world. The hereafter products are recognized as adapted to railway industry, being smart, innovative, secure, and insuring the respect of workers health and safety. Thanks to those technologies, facing networks and depots electrification on one hand and improvement of logistics management in other hand, the railway operators optimize their maintenance and refuelling stops.

RAILSHINE Train Feeding Solutions range includes, among others:
  • the Retractable Rigid Catenary Systems (Retractable OLE) for depots electrification a specific concept experimented in France with the arrival of the first High Speed trains and then generalised to all depots where electrical rolling stocks are stabling and maintained
  • locomotive fume extraction systems for diesel locomotives depots, having a retractable option in case of use in combined depots where both diesel and electric locomotives are to be maintained.
  • intelligent and interconnected fuelling service stations, purpose-made for the railways, real-time controlled and managed, for optimisation of fuel logistics
  • railroad sanding systems to fill all kind of railway rolling stocks, located alongside depot tracks or inside depot.