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Our Power Resistors are used both on-board and in stationary railway applications.
The overhead line is checked against failures by switching a power resistor in series with the power grid. The current is measured and by this the status of the line is determined. Of course, if there is a fault with the overhead lines, the fast-switch will not be activated. The fast-switch is a vital and expensive component in sub-stations. Its life time greatly depends on the number of short circuits it has to handle. By testing the overhead lines before activating the fast-switch improves life time expectance. This pre-test resistor can also be used to clear the overhead lines from any humidity or ice on the line insulators. In such case, the resistor is switched on and off several times in a pulse pattern. This helps to get the system insulation voltage back to normal level. The construction can be open wirewound resistors with a cement coating or they can be aluminium housed resistors where the active resistor wire is encapsulated in sand. The sand functions as a heat capacitance that can take a large energy pulse and still keep the temperature at a relative low value.
On-board electrical inverters for auxiliary systems mostly have a capacitor bank that needs to be charged during startup and discharged when switched off. By using a power resistor, the inrush current is limited and, when switched off, a bleeder resistor will safely discharge the dangerous high voltage of the capacitor. Danotherm is able to perform thermal simulations, based on the applications and by this, selecting the right size of resistor. This shortens customers engineering time as the simulation can be done very fast and it saves costs as the resistor does not need to be over-dimensioned. The simulation proves the resistor is up to the job.
Electronic switches that are always used in electrical converters cause disturbance of the electric energy. Electrical filters improve the energy quality. They take out higher harmonically frequencies that cause extra losses and or system disturbances. A power resistor is part of an electrical filter. Electrical filters also protect the system against high voltage peaks that are caused by the switching of the electronic switches. In case the high voltage pulses are becoming too problematic to deal with a crow-bar resistor will be switched over the electric system as a short circuit. This protects the circuit against any dangerous high voltages. It is of course, an emergency component.
When trains are braking, the kinetic energy is fed back into the overhead line. This, however, is only possible if there is another train on the same power grid that is able to take this energy. If this cannot be done then the energy simply needs to be burned in a power resistor. For safety, it must always be possible for a train to brake and dissipate all kinetic energy. Danotherm offers brake resistors in various types; under the frame, inside the train in special compartment or on the roof of the train.
All resistors are submitted to a routine test where the most important parameters are verified. A type test can be done for new resistors. It needs to be agreed with the customer what the type test should entail. Especially for railway power resistors various international directives apply. Danotherm has knowledge of the most used directives. An external testing lab facility nearby our production side is able to perform these tests and issue a test report.