Richard Arthur

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Director of Railway Sales
4. Service für Fahrzeuge

850 River Street
Troy, NY 12180
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

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Telefon: 518 268 1636 x157
Mobil: 518 852 2517
Fax: 518 268 1639
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850 River Street
Troy, 12180
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

InnoTrans 2021 InnoTrans 2018
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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In 1987, IEM introduced the Electronic Wheel Gauge, the first in a long series of measurement technologies for the international rail industry. By introducing digital technologies to the measurement of railroad wheel wear, we substantially eliminated measurement and transcription errors for our customers, enabling them to do a better job of tracking and predicting wear resulting in fewer unscheduled maintenance procedures based on faulty measurements.

Since then, IEM has lead the world in the development of wayside detection using machine vision, acoustic analysis, infrared detection, strain gauges, ultrasonic analysis and advanced signal processing techniques. We have also expanded our line of handheld gauges for use in wheel shops and repair facilities for both cars and locomotives.

IEM's Core Competencies Include:

- Imaging Systems
- Software Systems
- Acoustic Sensors
- NDE/NDT Sensing Technologies
- 3D Metrology
- Encoder Sensing Technologies
- Robotics
- Measurement Systems
- Embedded Systems
- Wireless sensors and energy harvesting technologies
- Ultra low power strain gauges and accelerometers

IEM's products are now common in rail and transit operations throughout the world. Our team of engineers, scientists and software engineers is committed to delivering the finest, most accurate, most reliable technologies available anywhere in the world.

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    electronic wheel gauge wheel profile gauge wheel flat spot detector WISE supersites brake shoe monitoring system ultrasonic wheel and axle inspection wheel profile measurement axle geometry measurement

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    • Wheel Profile Measurement Systems • Bearing/Train Infra-Red Inspection Systems • Brake Disk/Pad Measurement Systems • Flat Spot and Roundness Measurement Systems • Tread Surface Defect Detection System by EMAT or Optical Technology • Acoustic Bearing Monitoring Systems • Truck/Bogie Performance Detector Systems • Sliding/Dragging Wheel Detection Systems by Machine Vision and Infrared Technologies • High-Wide and Shifted Load Detection • Other systems and ancillary equipment such as: Car Coupler Inspection, Truck Component Inspection/Monitoring, Train Imaging Systems, etc. • In-Shop Ultrasonic Inspection Systems for Wheels, Axles and Wheelsets • Handheld Measurements Systems