Sanding system PZKV

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 22 801
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The sanding equipment for railway vehicles PZKV is a modern ecological system whose pneumatic principle ensures operational reliability. System PZKV is designed for trams that are not equipped with pressure air distribution. Sanding is important for braking and moving off and is used for increasing friction between the wheel and the rail. The efficiency depends on an optimal amount of sand, which is uniformly deposited between the wheel and the rail. The pneumatic dispenser reduces sand consumption when compared to other mechanical systems.

The PZKV system is capable of operation in a wide range of weather conditions and in the difficult external operational environment. Sand boxes have their own heating to eliminate sand moisture after its replenishment. Sand nozzles are also equipped with heating to eliminate their freezing. Sand nozzles exhibit high mechanical resistance; they are fixed in special holders, simultaneously ensuring easy setting in three degrees of freedom, which is highly user friendly during reconfiguration after vehicle wheel reprofiling.

Sanding systems PZKV are manufactured in a series of optional constructions for placing under the vehicle seats, into the walls, floors and other areas of the vehicle interior. They are fully conformable with installation in all types of tram, including the fully low-floor vehicles. The build-in dimensions of the system are minimized, sand box shapes and dimensions are usually designed for a particular vehicle, however, with utilization of standardized modular elements, by which means the favourable price is achieved also for customized (project) constructions. Materials ensuring low weight are utilized in the construction of the system and simultaneously, special materials for noise elimination and possibly for heat insulation are utilized as well. The systems are usually provided also in aluminum and stainless steel. As standard, the system is equipped with sensors for electrical signalling for monitoring of the sand level in the sand box. The sand filler flaps are manufactured in several versions so as to cover multiple types of rail vehicle and simultaneously to facilitate the sand filling systems widely represented in the market.
Sanding system PZKV is delivered with an open system control architecture. The system is operated and controlled from the vehicle's master control system, usually with engagement of of its own control unit as an intermediary unit that controls the operation of individual sanding devices and provides a feedback and control for the vehicle's master control system.

  • significant reduction in the consumption of sand, associated cost savings for purchasing and cleaning of sand and maintaining sanding containers at terminal stops of the trams
  • significant reduction of dustiness in towns
  • continuous flow of sand under the wheel throughout the sanding periods
  • the delivered amount of sand can be adjusted from 0.4 to 1.8 l/m with regard to the profile of the tramway line
  • maintenance-free equipment, the system requires only supplying the sand and a visual check
  • high reliability and service life
  • increased traffic safety

Please ask for more information about the Sanding system KOVA which is designed for locomotives.