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26110 Eskisehir/ Eskişehir

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From Innovative Ideas to Reliable Solutions

Established in 1986, Savronik is an award winning company in Electronic System Design, Production and Integration areas. Savronik provides turnkey solutions and services for Railway Signalling, Electrification, Telecommunication, Passenger Information Systems, Railway Geographic Information Systems, Railway Security and Management Solutions and Training Simulator Systems.

Our organisation includes permanent offices in Eskisehir (HQ-Turkey), Istanbul (Turkey), Izmir (Turkey), Ankara (Turkey) and Annapolis (USA), and six regional Field Service and Support Centres covering Turkey. To support projects on-site, Savronik currently maintains project offices at around twenty locations in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Algeria, Albania, Iraq and India.

The following is a broad classification of Savronik’s competence areas:
  • Electronic sub-system design and integration
  • Electro-mechanical unit product design and manufacturing
  • Embedded software
  • Information systems
  • System integration
  • Logistic support,  field services and operations management
Savronik is an ISO 9001:2000 and AQAP-2110 certified company.

Savronik also supplies on-board and trackside safety-critical equipment. In addition to the Railway technologies, Savronik designs and implements products and solutions for industries such as Defense, Highways and Information Systems. Savronik has already carried out a number of railway and metro and on board projects starting from scratch and provide turnkey solutions.

Today Savronik continues to serve the Railway Sector with innovative solutions such as :
  • Train Control Systems
  • Signalization Systems
  • Railway Information Systems
  • PIS/PA-CCTV and WiFi
In the scope of Train Control Systems, Savronik has been giving solution on Automatic Train Stopping Systems (ATS), Train Control System (Protection System) and Railroad Construction Warning Systems. Today all Turkish State Railway (TCDD) Locomotives use Savronik ATS Systems with indigenous on-board Units and Way-Side magnets. Savronik has also designed and integrated Automatic Train Control Systems for TCDD significantly exchanging the reliability of services TCDD provides to customers. Safety is very important issue for all Railway works to eliminate accidents. For this purpose, in addition to Train Protection system solution, Savronik has also designed the Railroad Construction Warning System to decrease the accident in Railway. This system provides  information about maintenance or construction activities information to nearby Locomotives operators about near region.

Nippon and Sel Type signalization systems are still used on conventional lines of TCDD. All new lines have been built compatible with ERTMS/ETCS signalization systems in Turkey. Savronik produces all on-board and Way-Side equipment for both Nippon and Sel Type signalization systems and will produce ERTMS/ETCS Signalization Systems onboard equipment next year.  
Passenger Information and Public Address System in the High Speed Train Sets that TCDD used in passenger cars and TVS (PIS / PA) has been installed by SAVRONIK. Besides that, Savronik also developed and integrated outdoor O/B display and station display systems in the scope of passenger information systems for different project.

Savronik manages The Turkish State Railway information system it designed. Using this information system, TCDD manages all traffic and observes the health all locomotives in a near real time. Collected data is recorded on on-board and the system service server located in Savronik Facilities from where it is broadcast to headquarter. Using Information System application tools, all authorized personnel can access all data for analysing and reporting.

Our latest product is Driver Training Simulator. Savronik has developed a new simulator which has features like:
  • Ability to use Different Locomotive or Train Set
  • Use of a Common Scenario with Multi Users
  • Five Different Simulation Capability at the same time
  • Easy to Use Scenario and Environmental Editor
  • User-definable Rules and Scenario
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