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Sebastian Ropers

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Sebastian Ropers

Ansprechpartner von ASE AG

Dir.Business Development
8. Transport IT - Verkehrsmanagement / Datenverarbeitung / Information / Kommunikation

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: 0041 44 253 7585
Mobil: 0031 6 1457 1577


Gartenhofstrasse 17
CH-8004 Zürich
Kanton Zürich






Pedestrian Analytics, Modelling & Operation

The world is becoming a busier place. Urbanisation and population growth take a heavy toll on existing infrastructure. Many Transport Hubs have not been designed to deal with steeply rising passenger numbers and become congested. Essentially we witness a pedestrian traffic jam in our railway stations, resulting in functionality & safety problems, dropping retail turnover and customer satisfaction. Often, building new infrastructure is not an option. It takes too long, is too cost intensive and in many cases fails to bring the needed capacity. So what to do?

At ASE we deliver insights and solutions for capacity- & operational problems in transport hubs for railway companies like Deutsche Bahn, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, SBB or Network Rail. Also we provide retail intelligence for organisations like Coop, Migros, Swisscom and Wincasa. We specialize in the gathering and analysis of pedestrian flow data, including robust, detailed, scenario-based simulations. Whether it is planning regulatorycompliant evacuations or fire protection concepts, designing a shopping mall or railway station, or just deciding where to place a display case in a store – our services provide clients with insights to help plan and implement effective concepts to address the needs of all those passing through their space on foot.

What differentiates ASE from our competitors is our focus on the power of data and its effective interpretation. We are not a hardware company, but rather utilise the most appropriate hardware on the market to craft customised solutions that provide
our clients unrivalled intelligence for effective decision making.

Established in 1996, ASE is headquartered in Zürich, with operations in Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore. The group provides highly specialised measuring, analysis, modelling and consultation services and is considered by clients to be experts in capacity, congestion and forward-looking solutioning.

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