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Silvia Cristofori

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Silvia Cristofori

Ansprechpartner von GEATECH Group S.r.l.

Sales Department

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 051 6601514


GEATECH Group S.r.l.

GEATECH Group S.r.l.



Geatech is a company with 20 years of experience specialised on design and construction of maintenance equipment for railway, tramway and metro lines; and in general terms, designs and manufactures hydraulic power stations.

Geatech has moreover obtained the certification ISO 9001 on the year 2001 and it carries out his activities in Altedo, Bologna, where covers an' area of 2000 sqm , 500 of which are spare parts warehouse , with more than 3000 items not only for our equipment ( Pandrol clip- Vossloh clip - spiking - sleeper drilling - impact wrench - rail drilling - rail cutting - rail grinding-ballast remover machines ) but also , for most common machines ( Matisa - Plasser – Donelli, ecc.). the last added range is about special lubricants for railways.

Geatech’s structure presents a technical dept. which can develop machines on the basis of customers’ requests and we have an internal production dept. which can realize every kind of planned machines, but also can offer a complete assistance after sale.

In particular Geatech:
  • Designs and constructs specific machines for railway maintenance, some of which patented.
  • Supplies small railway equipment for superstructure and building
  • Supplies measuring device, checking device, signalling and safety equipment
  • Supplies and deals spare parts for Ballast cleaning machine, track-relaying train, tamping machines, welding machine and profiling machines
  • Produces prototypes or small quantity of machine in close co-operation with our customers
  • Provides overhauling service

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