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The SR 700 is, with its 12 MW installed power, designed to melt 1000 m³ snow per hour. It is built on three well proven components:
  • The Snow Blower
  • The Melting Reservoir
  • The Container Wagon
The hydraulically driven Snow Blower, with its side and main brushes, has a capacity of 1300 m³/hour. After transport into the Melting Reservoir, the melting process works like a heat exchanger with a power of 12 MW. Circulating warm water is melting the snow in a continuous process. The excess water generated in the melting process is passing an, easy to clean, filter before it is pumped over to the Container Wagon.
When the 50 m³ Container is filled, the water is drained through a 12” hose into the drainage system of the depot or any other storage tank.

The Snowmelter is operated from the cabin high up in front of the Snow Blower. From this position, the operator has full control of the machine. The locomotive used must be equipped with remote control integrated in the cabin.
For long distance transport, the Snow Blower is stored on a special transport wagon.

Keeping the track open
The machine is designed for continuous operation for all variations of snow.
Speed of operation is in the hands of the operator and depends on snow depth together with snow and sight conditions. The complexity of the infrastructure sets the operator demands in handling brush widths. Working on snow depths between 100-200 mm the design criteria for the Snowmelter, one normal Railway Yard track per hour, is met. Peak performance under ideal conditions are some 40% higher.

Top rated at time of specification was the ability to clean one track, leaving all other open for operation.
Additional features:
  • Clears a “normal” Rail Yard Track per hour
  • Low personnel utilization leaving resources for switch clearing etc.
  • One unit operation, easier organized and higher safety.
A unit focused on keeping Railway Yards, Station areas and Depots open in snowfall


Railcare Machine AB

Railcare Machine AB



We want to find new solutions to old methods. We think differently

Railcare Group AB is focusing on railway maintenance and railway services in Scandinavia and in the UK.

The core business is based on vacuum excavation technology with a number of developed methods and machines (Railvac OTM) for effective and profitable railway maintenance. In Scandinavia Railcare Group also offers railway transportation services (goods) and rental of locomotives, wagons, drivers as well as ECM wagon workshop services.

Railcare Group AB is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden.

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