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Stig Jensen

Ansprechpartner von SAN Electro Heat A/S

Sales Manager

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +45 48 39 88 88
Mobil: +45 30 30 20 47
Fax: +45 48398898


SAN Electro Heat A/S
Gillelejevej 30B
3230 Graested


SAN Electro Heat A/S

SAN Electro Heat A/S



SAN Electro Heat a/s - who is member of the NIBE Element Railway Solutions - strives to continue leadership in sustainable design and manufacture of energy-saving heating and de-icing systems for the rail infrastructure. Our solutions ensure cold-weather safety on the rails and on station platforms.
De-icing applications cover:
  • Electrical Point Heating
  • Geothermal Point Heating
  • Overhead Wire De-icing
  • Contract Rail De-icing
  • Platform and Stairs De-icing
Delivered as complete efficient energy saving solutions or as single components to existing systems.

Our world class de-icing solutions are widely used in all "cold" European countries, USA and Canada. All solutions provide excellent return on investment with a lifetime exceeding 10-15 years.

Blue Point Supervision Software

Improve the efficiency of your point heating system with an intuitive monitoring and control software. Choose our Cloud solution with web access or traditional installation on your own server. Blue Point SCADA software is an on-line management and control software that will bond all your switch points together. Manage alarms, weather status, energy consumption, forced heating etc.

Save additional 40 Percent Energy

Add "Weather forecast" to our Blue Point SCADA solution and heat only when it is needed. Blue Point will get electronic weather forecast every hour about the very local winter weather condition +1, +2, +3 hours ahead. Based on this information the Blue Point SCADA will ask the controllers in the field to prepare for snow or white ice or switch off the heat power.

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