TCDD - Türk. Cumhuriyeti Devlet


Hipodrom Caddesi No:3
06200 Ankara

InnoTrans 2018
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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  • To prepare the railway network and vehicles ready for service,
  • To construct new and branch lines when necessary,
  • To manage whole railway traffic effectively,
  • .To provide economic, safe, comfortable, technologic, environment-friendly transport service integrated with other transportation systems.
For our customers.
To become TCDD as a first choice brand for its technologic infrastructure and effective operation in transportation sector.
Basic Values
  • Customer orientation: to provide customer satisfaction at top level by observing the needs of customers, to behave honestly and equally to all customers, to act as every human being is a potential customer.
  • Security: to take all measures in order to protect the health of both our customers and staff.
  • Sustainability: to work without laying burden on the environment with the awareness that the sources of the World and country are limited, to use insufficient energy sources effectively.
  • Contribution for Society: to become leader in social issues, to involve in beneficial activities with the awareness that we are one part of the society.
  • Team Work: To band together with the awareness that there is safety in numbers.
  • Responsibility: to be moderate and thrifty for all activities with the awareness of using the public sources, to prevent wastage while using the sources, to be attentive to saving.
The Main Departments in Directorate General of TCDD;
I Railway Modernization Department
Ii Railway Modernization Department
Iii Railway Construction Department
Iv Survey And Project Department
V Traffic And Station Management Department
Vi Capacity Management Department
Vii Strategy Development Department
Viii Estates Department
Ix Human Resources Department
X Accounting And Financing Department
Xi Procurement And Stock Control Department
Xii Information Technologies Department
Xii International Relations Department
Xiv Support Services Department
Xv Port And Ferryboat Department
Xvi Legal Consultancy
Xvii Inspection Board
Xviii Press And Public Affairs Consultancy
Xix Research - Development Department
Xx Internal Auditing Department
Xxi Railway Research And Technology Center (Datem)

in province, 8 Regional Directorates;
  • Regional Directorate Haydarpaşa
  • Regional Directorate Ankara
  • Regional Directorate Alsancak
  • Regional Directorate Sivas
  • Regional Directorate Malatya
  • Regional Directorate Adana
  • Regional Directorate Afyon
  • HST Regional Directorate Ankara

There are 4 Affiliated Companies (TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, Tüvasaş, Tüdemsaş, Tülomsaş) and 5 subsidiaries;
  • Ankara Railway Factory (within TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ)
  • Ankara Maintenance Factory for Rail Welding and Track Mechanic Vehicles
  • Sivas Concrete Sleepers Factory
  • Afyon Concrete Sleepers Factory
  • Çankırı Switch Factory
Also, our Enterprise operates 7 big ports of our country:
  • Haydarpaşa Port
  • İzmir Port
  • Derince Port Operation Control Management
  • Bandırma Port Operation Control Management
  • Samsun Port Operation Control Management
  • Mersin Port Operation Control Management
  • İskenderun Port Operation Control Management
and Van Gölü Ferryboat Operation and all the operations are being carried out by our Enterprise.