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Trafim Capacitors have the unique "controlled self healing technology" where you get a very high energy density = smaller shape and lower weight. Capacitors are in rectangular, stainless steel cases that gives the best efficiency at a given space. Ecological Oil impregnation leads to long life and perfect parameter stability. Fixing accessories on customers demand.
The best solution for DC Link and Resonance Filter. Conform to EN 45545.

Available from 900V to 6000V.


MUECAP Vertriebsgesellschaft für elektronische Bauelemente m.b.H.

MUECAP Vertriebsgesellschaft für elektronische Bauelemente m.b.H.



Muecap is a German ( Munich based ) distributor, specialized on passive components for power electronics coming from France and Italy. Since 1987 a major focus is on railway applications where we can follow the specific requirements, either with standard or with custom adapted parts. Main products are capacitors, resistors and Bus Bars used in traction ( Tram, Trolleybus, Locomotive ) and in auxiliary converters ( H, C, V ). A Spare Part service is available.

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