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Control FREAK solutions for Remote Rolling Stock Diagnostic Monitoring and Rail Freight Management Systems

Over the past 20 years, Tri-logical Technologies, a global leader in an advanced on-board remote diagnostic monitoring solutions, successfully developed, deployed and supported asset management solutions for a wide range of customers worldwide. Tri-logical provides end to end operational, safety and security solutions for mobile assets in the Railway, Security & Defense and Aviation segments. We research, design and manufacture all our products (software and hardware) ensuring the best quality and compatibility to the most stringent global standards. Selecting Tri-logical as your business partner will improve your operations, maintenance, safety and increase your control over your mobile assets.

In growing and challenging worldwide economic environment, and increasing demand, railway operators are expected to increase the availability and reliability of their fleets, reduce operational costs, and improve safety and quality of services for passengers and frieght. The fleet condition, including real time diagnostic information from on-board and off-board sensors, plays a significant role in improving the rail operator's efficiency, reliability and safety. The traditional planned maintenance cycles can now be replaced by adaptive "Condition-Based Maintenance" and a platform can be provided for "Predictive Maintenance".

The Control FREAK solutions delivers the required tools and innovation to make the change and support those processes. The Control FREAK was successfully deployed, and assists in reducing maintenance costs, improving reliability and availability for higher fleet annual mileage, enabling a longer life cycle for old vehicles after retrofitting and increasing safety. The new Control FREAK for freight solution extend these benifits for freight operations including optimization of freight fleet planning, wagon locations, wagon maintnence monitoring and shipment tracking.
The Control FREAK systems are the most cost-effective and advanced solution on the market, with a fast ROI and easy deployment within a reasonable budget. The solution includes the following modules:
  1. Onboard LTC10 controller with built-in protocol analyzer, digital and analog inputs, GPS and 3/4G cellular modem with an interfaces to existing TMS.
  2. HMC (Harmony Management Center) - a real-time monitoring tool, to present multiple layers of information as a dashboard or detailed visualization of sensors and alerts. The HMC has a configuration module, including a Rule Based Engine for an advanced analysis of the train’s condition, smart condition based alerts, and an open architecture for easy integration with the railway operator systems to maximize the benefits for operations and maintenance.
  3. BI module for advanced failure analytics based on several indicators to provide advanced debriefing of repeated failures and good picture of the train conditions and the maintenance efficiency for the management layer.
  4. Driver Assistance System – DAS is a software aimed at providing the necessary information to the driver including maximum allowed speed, time table, messages from the control center and notifications about train condition over the air or directly from the TMS. The application was developed according to the UIC standards.
  5. Driver Behavior Monitoring System enables to monitor and debrief incidents, delays and driver performance in terms on over speed and exceptional accelerations or braking. Using the system, it is easier to analyze and train the driver to improve his performance in terms of energy consumption, safety and punctuality and produce a report of the "Best driver" of the month.
  6. Freight Shipment tracking application for end customers
  7. Smart wagon monitoring devices using mesh IoT technology for cost-effective with long battery life
  8. Smart container locker - remote safety lock for containers and freight wagons