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UNICUM Transmission de Puissance S.A.S.


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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


Zone Industrielle Montrambert Pigeot
42150 La Ricamarie


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 477333696
Fax: +33 477341201

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Special Reducers for Railway and Industrial Applications.

UNICUM specializes in the design and manufacture of custom gearboxes, special gearboxes and mechanical sub-assemblies, for demanding power transmission, including typical railway applications such as:
- Reducer for the control of the entry and exit of the step, as part of a complete door opening system for Passenger Wagons.
- Winch for lowering the second floor platform of the wagons for transport of cars, that must be manually driven when there are no hydraulic cylinders.
- Manual gearbox for opening and closing the top of a grain wagon during the loading phases.
Since about one century, UNICUM has continuously improved its expertise in the field of mechanical transmissions - especially non-standard gearboxes - available to manufacturers and end-users of industrial machines and systems.
UNICUM team supports its customers and partners along the project development, from the definition of specifications, through design, prototype and until the final serial launch.