Viper Innovations Ltd.


Unit 3, 45 Martingale Way
BS20 7AW
Vereinigtes Königreich

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 9 202

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Delivering innovative products and services that maximise the operational life of controls and electrical distribution equipment

Viper Innovations provides electrical distribution solutions for global industries including subsea and rail. We are recognised as one of the most innovative companies within the subsea oil & gas and rail transportation sectors, having won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation among other industry accolades. Viper Innovations takes pride in providing cutting-edge distribution technology and expert level consultancy services to provide practical solutions for the real problems our clients experience on a day to day basis

Our innovative cable and conductor condition monitoring system, CableGuardian, encompasses the core line insulation monitoring technology which was developed for the harsh subsea environment and is in extensive use by subsea oil field operators, globally.

Viper Innovations is previewing the innovative CableGuardian at Innotrans 2018. CableGuardian is an electrical network insulation monitoring device for signalling power distribution networks, with a difference. CableGuardian is a comprehensive condition monitoring and fault finding system which monitors both cable and conductor condition within a power distribution network, by dispersing multiple independent measurement units within principal and auxiliary power supply points and functional supply points. CableGuardian provides monitoring at the level of detail required, breaking away from the traditional limitations of Insulation Monitoring Devices which offer only a single resistance measurement for the complete network or, at best, feeder level monitoring. CableGuardian is the only system that offers Tier One adherence to the Network Rail Insulation Monitoring Device standard NR/L2/SIGELP/27725, which requires sectional monitoring of feeders. Additionally, CableGuardian’s capability to be placed in cable length sections enables a real-time monitoring for open circuits, short circuits and intermittent faults on the copper or aluminium cable cores providing an alternative approach to the intrusive, five-yearly cable testing requirements of the NR/L2/SIGELP/50000 standard.

CableGuardian provides condition trends and graphically highlights faults of Insulation Resistance, Insulation Capacitance, conductor to conductor faults and intermittent faults via a secure web browser-based analytics package eradicating the need for extensive trackside fault-finding campaigns. The CableGuardian system operates continuously on live power networks and provides critical condition information in real time, eliminating the need to power down the system for intrusive testing.
Developed in collaboration with Network Rail, CableGuardian supports the ambitions to reduce maintenance costs and time-related E&P infrastructure failures, to reduce the frequency and duration of service affecting failures and to improve the overall asset management process.

Demonstrations of the CableGuardian system will take place on stand 202 - hall 9, during Innotrans 2018.