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Wuxi Jinxin Group Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in railway production, that provides the rail transit market with high-quality products and services. Wuxi Dongjiang Accessory Factory as its predecessor, was founded in 1989, and has been the designated production manufacturer by the ministry of railway since 1992,and established Wuxi Jinxin Group Co., Ltd. in 2002. After 20 years' development and experiences, Jinxin Group has become the designated accessory production enterprise for China's Ministry of Railways, Petrochemical Corporation, Metallurgy Company, Shipping Company and more enterprises, which also undertake the production task of  the traction transformer in ten important parts of China high speed train, and production of three parts, such as, converter cooling system, the whole toilet cabin and accessories of air conditioning system. Wuxi Jinxin Group shall focus on the quality, and constantly strengthen the internal management and improve quality standards. Since 1998, Jinxin has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety System, and pass the EN15085 European railway welding system authentication and IRIS Revision 02 International Railway Industry Standard IRIS Certification and DIN6701-2 Certification. Now, Jinxin has a complete research and testing center, equipped with advanced production equipments, which shall provide a solid guarantee of quality and on-time delivery for Jinxin.Science and technology is the core competition for the enterprises, the innovation is the strong power of development. More than 20 years, Jinxin has developed from nothing, from small to large, however, only the pursuit of quality has always been the same. Today, Jinxin products have already covered the scope, such as, common railway and supporting cooling system, the complete toilet, vehicle interior parts, air-conditioning accessories, railway accessories of the urban rail transit market. Project of the cooling system class shall base on Group and foreign comprehensive advantages, in view of the ministry of railways great-leap-forward development of the high speed trains, the import of international locomotive, the production of several radiator and cooling system. Our company has been the designated supplier for radiator and cooling system of the ministry of railway, such as high-speed EMU , electric locomotive and diesel locomotive  and more. Its main products are two kinds, that is, copper radiator of diesel locomotive and aluminum radiator of electric locomotive  . It has successively developed a series of products, such as HXN5 locomotive radiator, HXD3 locomotive complex cooler, DJ4 oil cooler, HXD2B electric locomotive (automobiles with six axis) oil cooler, CRH380BL traction transformer cooling system, CRH380C traction transformer cooling system, which become localization supplier for China's high speed railway project "ten key parts -- traction transformer and converter cooling system". It is also the only mass production of the domestic manufacturer and is the only one in the industry that has copper and aluminum such two kinds of material products, has the complete independent intellectual property rights and the patent.At the same time, Jinxin Group is also localized supplier for "ten key parts – the complete toilet ", professionally researches and develops the series of the complete toilet  products used in EMU, locomotive, vehicle and ships. Since 2007, it has provided the professional vacuum toilet systems for China CRH3-350, CRH3-380BL EMU one after another.Specialized vehicles interior projects shall be engaged in development, design, manufacture, installation and service for all kinds of locomotive, vehicle , rail vehicles and other kinds of interior parts, the component  and the overall project.