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Yannick Gilis

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Yannick Gilis

Ansprechpartner von SA Transurb


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +32 (0) 81 58 31 09


SA Transurb
Rue Fonds des Bas Prés, 1
5000 Namur
Wallonische Region


SA Transurb

SA Transurb



Rail Simulation and Advanced Training Solutions for Passenger, Freight and Urban Transport

Transurb is a Belgian limited liability company of land transport-oriented services held by Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI), the National Belgian Railway Company (SNCB) and the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB).

Transurb Simulation has been delivering rail simulators and advanced training solutions across the world for the past 15 years.

Well aware of the importance of providing high quality solutions and maintaining long-term relationships with customers, our philosophy pools pedagogy, co-creative approach, upgradability and flexibility.

This is why we invit you to come to our booth and get to know us in person. There, we will have the opportunity to discuss your needs, share our vision of Rail Simulation together and imagine how our collaboration could bring value to your company.

We are looking forward to meeting you (again).

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