Zeleznicne opravovne a strojarne Zvolen, a.s.


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Established in 1872, the first mentions of the company ŽOS stretch back to the the modern period of the 19th century.

During the whole period the main activities of the company reflected the needs of the railways in the field of rail vehicle service.

Today the company continues in the tradition of its main activity, i.e. service and maintenance of rail vehicles, flexibly responding to the needs of the market by extending its core business with modernization for diesel electric locomotives and diesel hydraulic suburb motor unit for personal transport.

Thanks to good technical base and long-term experiences we are ready for execution of further modernized types of vehicles. Our goal is to be a strongly customer-oriented company, with the ability of flexible responses to the needs of domestic, as well as foreign markets.
ŽOS Zvolen is made out of two dvisions, to LOKO division and Machine Production division.

  • repair and modernization of motor railway engines with diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic power transmission
  • repair and modernization of motor railcars
  • repair of selected types of passenger railcars
  • repair of aggregates of railway rail vehicles (RRV)
  • reconstruction and rebuilding of RRV
  • sale of railway engines after repair or rebuilding
  • production and sale of replacement parts for the RRV
  • renovation of the RRV components
  • production of machine components according to the documentation of the client
  • production of single-purpose devices according to the documentation of the client
  • commercial activity
  • Measuring Instruments Checking Centre
  • materiology
„LOKO“ Division

LOKO division represents the basic premise of ŽOS. Its activity is based on the tradition launched in 1872 by opening the railway plant for the purposes of the new-built railway track Budapest – Zvolen – Vrútky. During more than 135 years of the company’s existence, the technological equipment has always responded to the levels of the technological depot of railway vehicles.

LOKO division provides revision, maintenance and repair of railway vehicles of diesel and electric tractions, production and repair of replacement parts necessary for the operation of railway vehicles. Furthermore, it provides not only production of components for railway vehicles, but also production of machine components and sets for other domestic and foreign clients.

LOKO division employs well-trained specialists with extensive experiences in the field of maintenance, repair, reconstruction and modernization of rail vehicles, in the field of aggregate repair and reconstruction, production and adaptation of replacement parts and machine components

The company continues in the long-term tradition and the main objective is the individual approach to the requirements of clients and assurance of the satisfaction of our business partners.

“Machine Production” (MP) Division

The activity of the MP organizational unit was created as a support to the LOKO organizational unit. It ensures mainly the production and renovation of replacement parts for railway vehicle repairs and modernization, with focus on specialized field of production.

NC tool machines and other devices were added to the machinery in the 1980’s. Investments into technology enabled the implementation of high-specialized technological activities, such as crank-shaft facing, renovation of combustion engine heads, precise treatment of railway vehicle wheel-sets, production of wheel sets, splining, etc.

The machinery is being constantly completed by technological devices, such as plate processing machines, press-brake and plasma flame cutting machine for plate separation.
The MP division focuses not only on machine-made treatment, but also on production and treatment of welded skeletons.

The completion of machinery by a large horizontal treatment center enables the possibility of producing big parts, sets, as well as treatment of welded constructions.