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Railway Infrastructure
Railway Infrastructure


Zetica House, Southfield Road
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Telefon: +44 1993886682

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Rethinking trackbed inspection

Zetica Rail is a leading provider of trackbed condition measurement services and systems. Our customers are located in five continents including North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia and Africa.

The company's trackbed condition metrics help make sense of trackbed conditions, identifying the root causes of problems, prioritising areas requiring remedial work and cutting the cost of maintenance.

Three levels of service are provided by the company including:
  • Full Service: Experienced staff design a survey, collect data and process the data.
  • Assisted Service (railroads): Customers purchase hardware to collect data and Zetica process the data.
  • Ownership (railroads): Customers purchase both hardware and software to provide the full service within their own business.
The RASC® (Railway Asset Scanning Car) Pod is a new versatile trackbed condition measurement system that can be mounted on a wagon with a revenue-earning train or on a Hy-Rail chassis.

The RASC® Pod offers exceptional flexibility with a range of above and below ground measurement systems linked to on-board power, data management, accurate location and climate control services. The system is deployable wirelessly. Data capture can be monitored remotely.

RASC® inspection systems which are available include 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar, track, geometry, rail profiling, linescan camera surface imaging, 360 degree 2D laser, 3D laser, accelerometers, video and thermal imaging.

Synchronised data streams are integrated by Zetica to provide the following benefits:
  • Maintaining track where evidence supports activity.
  • Fixing problems the first time, thus reducing the number of revisits.
  • Reducing unproductive track occupation time by maintenance teams.
  • Saving ballast material costs.
  • Recognising the root cause of problem track flagged by track geometry exceptions.
  • Improved understanding of the cause of derailments.
Zetica Ltd has been in operation for 25 years and offers on-going support to Network Rail for rail GPR surveys and the data processing of 10,000mi of the network per year. In the USA we work with various Class 1, short line and metro railroads. We undertake scanning here of about 10,000mi per year and provide trackbed condition data for BNSF and the FRA through local partners Balfour Beatty Rail Inc. Australian and Middle East customers include QR and Etihad Rail respectively, for whom routine trackbed condition surveys are provided.

CEO of Zetica Rail, Asger Eriksen says: "We provide evidence of trackbed condition that cannot be determined by traditional inspection methods alone. Evidence based maintenance planning is a proven cost saver. Our teams are mobile and travel the world to provide services and support to customers, aided by a network of respected local partners."

For more information about Zetica Rail, please visit our website.