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HaslerRail AG

HaslerRail AG




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HaslerRail and PIXY company synopsis

HaslerRail and PIXY, members of Sécheron Hasler Group, are the market-leaders and innovative suppliers of safety-relevant on-board electronics, sensors, displays, software and data management products and solutions for the railway industries. HaslerRail and PIXY are the global partner with worldwide local support and qualified technical teams. They aim to give our clients the best possible services during project execution and operation. Our European, North American and Chinese supply chains are fully compliant with local and international standards.

Sécheron Hasler Group companies committed to a history of excellence as technology leaders. Saira Electronics Srl. has been integrated into the Sécheron Hasler group in 2016. Together, we offer a complete range of clever and innovative products.

Our current range covers the TELOC event recorders and video recorders, ERTMS JRU with CPM, TRU, optical and magnetic speed sensors, optical radar Corrail, cold movement detector for ETCS, SIL DSD, EMS, REM102 energy meter, and voltage and current sensors, WTB gateways, CAN gateways , MVB controllers, MVB gateway , Ethernet, RiCo MVB interfaces, RIO remote I/O, VCU, distributed TCMS, LCD displays with keyboard.

Sécheron Hasler Group companies are chosen as preferred partners for new vehicles by system integrators, for modernization projects of individual vehicles or entire fleet upgrade programs.

You are most welcome to visit us during InnoTrans in Berlin in Hall 6.2 at booth 210.

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