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  • Chameleon

    Over the years, Alta Rail Technology has developed dedicated hardware for dedicated functions: an On Board Computer, a Data Acquisition Module for Locomotives, a Communication Module for transmitting information from the train to the dispatching center, an End of Train Device, among others. The PLCART comes to allow a unique hardware inside and outside the locomotive promoting savings in hardware, spares, training to the railway companies. The equipment was conceived based on an ARM CORTEX STM…
  • On Board Computer

    The On Board Computer was designed as a safety equipment that later evolved to become a productivity tool. It provides two major safety features: Electronic Fence, that enforces the limits of an authority through the implementation of a breaking curve that stops the train before the end of the session block where the authority ends; Dynamic Speed Control, through its ability to stop the train in an over-speeding situation. The OBC has also an important role in helping the train engineer to …
  • Safe Train Control

    On the Control Center, the ETC has a set of applications which assists the dispatchers to safely and efficiently control the movement of trains on the railway. The central component is the Safe Train Control (STC), a scalable solution that operates in both signaling and non-signaling environments and is independent of the communication infrastructure adopted. The software follows AAR General Code of Operations Rules and ensures that two trains do not occupy a segment of the track in opposit…