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  • DIN Single Ferrule Connectros

    Fluid Controls Single Ferrule Connectors are designed and validated to ISO 8434-1 and ISO 19879 standards. The Connectors have specially designed single or double cutting rings, hardened by a proprietary case-hardening process, to form leak-free, corrosion-resistant connections with tubing. Fluid Controls DIN Single Ferrule Connectors are available in LL, L and S series and sizes & material to customer specifications.
  • Fluid Controls Double Ferrule Fittings

    Fluid Controls Double Ferrule Connectors provide leak-proof, torque-free seals for tubing connections. The twin ferrule action provides multiple sealing points in the joint and effectively eliminates hazardous leaks and ensures high vibration resistance and temperature cycling. Fluid Controls double ferrule connectors are design approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and validated to ASTM F1387 standards.Fluid Controls Double Ferrule Connectors provide leak-proof, torque-free seals for tubi…
  • Fluid Controls Pipe & Tube Clamps

    Fluid Controls Clamps prevent the transmission of vibrations from the pipe to the installation. They also provide rigid support to the pipe both in the lateral and longitudinal directions, relieving stresses caused by unequal movements in the pipeline. The clamps are designed and validated to DIN 3015 standards and are available in single, twin and custom-made designs. Fluid Controls Clamps are available for fractional and metric pipes and in polyamide, polypropylene and aluminum.