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  • Medha Servo Drives Pvt Ltd.

    • Railway Technology Railway Technology
    Established in 1984, Medha has over 34 years experience of serving railroad sector for design, development, manufacture, installation, commissioning & servicing of electrical & electronic equipment for different application. Medha’s vision is to become world leader in railway products and to achieve this we specialise in three areas, Control Electronics, Power Electronics and safety critical Signaling. Medha was awarded IRIS and ISO 9001:2008 certificate by DNV GL Assessors accredited by NABCB…
  • Samir Nirula

    Ansprechpartner von Medha Servo Drives Pvt Ltd.
    General Manager (Mktg.) - International
  • Propulsion Systems

    Traction Converters (IGBT based propulsion converters) Customized traction chain solutions for new vehicles Propulsion system designed as an integrated system and integral to vehicle design Cost effective solutions to keep overall vehicle cost competitive Designed to suit vehicle performance requirements, weight limits and cooling requirements Low life cycle cost EMI/EMC Homologation Latest technology and best in class features Upgrade Thyristor / GTO based traction to IGBT systems (retrof…
  • Signaling Systems

    Electronic Interlocking System for Signaling Architecture 2oo2 architecture with 100% hot standby and automatic changeover Includes all interlocking features such as route setting, route release, point operation, track occupancy monitoring, overlap protection, crank handle operation, level crossing gate operation, block working etc. Guaranteed cycle time for all operations (system cycle time of 333ms) Adaptability Modular and highly flexible system for eas…
  • Vehicle Control Systems

    Medha's MEP system is a 32 bit, high performance microprocessor based modular system that provides complete traction and propulsion control of the vehicle with continuous monitoring and extensive fault diagnostics. Major functions includes Engine control, Excitation control, Propulsion control, Wheel slip control, Auxiliary controls, Protections, Fault Diagnostics, Data recording and Parameter display. Standardized Solutions to suit... Vehicles of different make, model, type and HP rating, with…