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  • Coupler Systems

    Dellner has been developing and manufacturing couplers for more than 77 years which gives us the certainty that we are supplying the best quality products. All Dellner couplers are produced and adapted to individual customer needs. This means we offer more types of couplers than any other company (around 500 separate options are available). Couplers from Dellner are used all over the world in every type of railed vehicle including DMUs, EMUs, Commuters, High-Speed-Trains, LRVs, Metros, Monorails…
  • Couplers

    In addition to Tightlock, Drophead Buckeye and Bar couplers, in 1999 William Cook Rail patented the innovative Combination Coupler to allow automatic to non-automatic coupling of locomotives and rolling stock. William Cook Rail is an OEM of the generic Wedgelock Coupler in use throughout the London Underground network and has a long pedigree of Wedgelock Coupler overhaul (Jubilee, Northern and Central lines). William Cook is also an established manufacturer of new Wedgelock Couplers, the latest…
  • Geislinger GmbH

    • Railway Technology Railway Technology
    Geislinger: Couplings and Dampers Geislinger entwickelt, produziert und verkauft Drehschwingungsdämpfer, drehelastische hochdämpfende Kupplungen, Verlagerungskupplungen und Drehschwingungsüberwachungssysteme für große Diesel- und Gasmotoren. Geislinger Produkte kommen unter anderem bei Bahnantrieben sowie in den Bereichen Schiffbau, Bergbau, in der Öl- und Gasindustrie, Energieerzeugung und in Windkraftanlagen zum Einsatz. Jedes Geislinger Produkt ist maßgeschneidert und somit optimal an die je…