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  • FELSIC Electrolytics

    Felsic Electrolytics are mainly used in auxiliary converters for railways. The screw terminal series are designed to work at high vibration - shock level (1,5mm 10...2000Hz) and wide temperature range from -55...+125°C. Voltage 16...630Vdc. Case size up to 90 x 220mm. Insulation sleeving for 2,5kV and 4kV (on demand). EN61373 Shock and Vibration, EN 45545-2.
  • FPG-FPX Capacitors

    FPG-FPX Capacitors use the "controlled self healing" as well but are designed for high pulse and AC load. Initially designed for GTO - application they discovered many new sectors like MF and HF load in electromagnetic protection circuits. FPG-FPX Capacitors are "DRY" and have very rigid terminals. Conform to EN 45545. Available up to 4600 V GTO. MKV-B/E types; unipolar execution for classic Thyristor damping as refurbishment models.
  • Trafim Capacitors

    Trafim Capacitors have the unique "controlled self healing technology" where you get a very high energy density = smaller shape and lower weight. Capacitors are in rectangular, stainless steel cases that gives the best efficiency at a given space. Ecological Oil impregnation leads to long life and perfect parameter stability. Fixing accessories on customers demand. The best solution for DC Link and Resonance Filter. Conform to EN 45545. Available from 900V to 6000V.