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  • Bogie Frames and sub-assemblies

    William Cook Rail has earned a reputation as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of safety-critical cast steel bogie frame components and assemblies for the new generation of passenger trains. The design of these components is highly complex. William Cook Rail’s design engineers work with train builders from the concept design stage through to manufacture, assembly and putting into service. In many cases, William Cook Rail has redesigned complex welded fabrications as single castings…
  • Couplers

    In addition to Tightlock, Drophead Buckeye and Bar couplers, in 1999 William Cook Rail patented the innovative Combination Coupler to allow automatic to non-automatic coupling of locomotives and rolling stock. William Cook Rail is an OEM of the generic Wedgelock Coupler in use throughout the London Underground network and has a long pedigree of Wedgelock Coupler overhaul (Jubilee, Northern and Central lines). William Cook is also an established manufacturer of new Wedgelock Couplers, the latest…
  • Overhaul and Refurbishment

    William Cook Rail supports the train operators by providing overhaul, refurbishment and inspection services for a vast array of rail vehicle sub-systems, from entire bogies to simple HVAC units.
  • William Cook Rail Ltd.

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    • Railway Technology Railway Technology
    William Cook Rail is a world-leading authority in the design, development, manufacture and overhaul of passenger bogie components and complete coupler systems. It is part of the William Cook group, a British engineering conglomerate with 500 employees across three factories in Sheffield, Leeds and County Durham that can trace its history to 1840. William Cook has recently invested £15 million in state-of-the-art machine tools and other equipment, including an industrial 3D printing suite, to e…