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  • ADY Express

    InnoTrans 2018
    • Public Transport Public Transport
    "ADY Express LLC" was founded in 2016 as a 100% subsidiary of JSC "Azerbaijan Railways" in order to provide a full range of logistics services according to the international standards, combining rail and sea routes of Azerbaijan. The main objective of the company is to increase the transit transportation between Europe and Asia through the territory of Azerbaijan, at the same time providing customers with convenient and cost-effective price.
  • Neo Trans Co. LTD

    Korea, Republik
    InnoTrans 2021 InnoTrans 2018
    • Railway Technology Railway Technology
    NEO TRANS, an operation company of DX Line(HRT) & EVER LINE(LRT), has brought huge innovation to the Korean transportation culture and has earned a reputation of operating both heavy and light driverless rail transit simultaneously based on its leading careers and technology gained from railway construction works and operation. All of our employees share the common organizational culture of doing best in their duties to make preferable outcomes in order to deliver the safe and comfortable serv…