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  • Anyang General International Co., Ltd.

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    • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure
    Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO) specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway products, including railway fishplates, railway fastening system, and related fastening parts for railroad construction. And with a history in resilient railroad fastener manufacturing, since 1958, AGICO has developed itself to a state-level and most competitive rail part supplier in China, especially with biggest DAILY rail clip and rail joint production capacity: 100,000pieces of rail clip and 100M…
  • Resilient Fastening system for vibration and noise reduction

    Luoyang Sunrui provides several kind of rail fastener assembly and under-slab mat, which meet different kinds of stiffness and vibration reduction requirements of rail transmit. All the products are widely used in Chinese metro lines and mainline, like GJ-3 fastener has been laid for over 600km at the end of 2017. By now, all the metro lines in China are using various kinds of Sunrui resilient fastener