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  • KABELOVNA Děčín Podmokly, s.r.o.

    Tschechische Republik
    InnoTrans 2018
    • Railway Technology Railway Technology
    With its many years of experience (since 1910), Kabelovna Děčín Podmokly, s.r.o. has traditionally been a prominent European cable manufacturer. However, massive investment in recent years has seen the company join those elite companies in Europe with the very latest technology. Copper cables with SKIN-FOAM-SKIN core insulation, with the core of the cable filled with special water-repellent material, cables with layered casing and optical cables with multimode and singlemode fibres: these are t…
  • TransCore

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    InnoTrans 2020 InnoTrans 2018
    • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure
    TransCore is the source for high-performance wireless solutions for the rail industry’s ever-increasing demands in train positioning and asset management applications. As the leader in automatic equipment identification (AEI) for the rail industry, Transcore continues to set the standard by which all AEI is measured with a suite of high-performance RFID-based rail products designed to meet the toughest conditions in the most demanding applications. Mass transit agencies around the world t…