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Product description

SOLVING Air Bearing Transporters are used by railway manufacturers for flexible and easy movement of railway cars, bogies and doors in assembly lines or during repair and maintenance. If required integrated lifting devices ensure a correct lifting height for the fitters. Air film technology provides all the necessary freedom and total flexibility for moving completed railway cars weighing from a few tonnes up to almost a hundred tonnes. Improved safety is achieved by optical or inductive guidance on the floor.

Benefits of Solving air film technology
  • flexible layout because no rails are required
  • omnidirectional movement
  • ergonomic work position
  • exact positioning
  • no friction, meaning almost no wear
  • cost efficient


AB Solving Oy

AB Solving Oy


Exhibitor profile

Creating Movement

SOLVING is a global designer and manufacturer of handling systems, SOLVING Movers, for moving heavy loads such as railway cars, bogies and other components. Based on more than 40 years of experience SOLVING is a leading company providing automated handling systems both on air bearings and wheels for the railway industry. SOLVING Movers are used both in the assembly of complete railway cars and doors as well as for moving railway cars during repair and maintenance.
Examples of railway companies using Solving Movers: Bombardier, CNR, CSR, SL (Stockholm Public Transport), SNCF and Talgo.

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