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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


Belnická 736
252 42 Jesenice
Czech Republic


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +420 272704121
Fax: +420 272705754

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Automatic Measuring Stations

Amest monitoring and measuring stations secure complex interstage and final inspections of components, assemblies, and final products. They check the dimensions; shapes; required weight; quality of finish; and monitor the quality requirements of the material used. They may be equipped with automatic feed of controlled components; special dimension sensors; search units for checking by turbulent flow; scales; markers; and automatic sorting of inspected components according to chosen parameters. Monitoring station function is controlled by special programmable Amest electronics, equipped with hi-tech control features. The special electronics of Amest monitoring stations continuously evaluate the results of measuring and monitoring, and generate data for control and technology process statistics. Simultaneously, they signal defects and give orders to operation interventions within a given production operation (corrections; machine adjustment; tool exchange, etc).
Using Amest monitoring stations minimizes the human factor influence on the production process control, which tends to be the most common cause of an inspection and measuring defect.

Measuring problems:

1. Railways parts
  • measurement of wheelsets, wheels and axles
  • ultrasonic control of wheels and axles
  • magnetoscopic control of axles
  • monitoring and process operating of wheels pressing into axles
2. Gearing
  • external gearing (gears, ring gears, shafts...)
  • internal gearing (synchronizing sleeves...)
  • synchronous couplings
  • splining

3. Housings
  • transmission housings
  • clutch housings
  • compressor and pump housings

4. Differential housing
  • measurement of all differential housing dimensions
  • diameters measurement including of inner spherical surface
  • axial dimension measurement
  • measurement of form and position tolerances

5. Precision cylindrical surfaces
  • measurement of precision external and internal cylidrical surfaces
  • measurement of diesel parts
  • jets, needles
  • seats, sleeve valves etc.

6. Shaft anf flange parts
  • measurement of diameters and axial dimensions
  • form and position tolerances
  • shaft and flange parts
7. Special measuring tasks
  • dimensional and flaw detection control of bearing rollers
  • measurement of shift forks
  • measuring, weighing, marking and sorting of pistons and piston-rods
  • measurement of car headlamps etc..

Control gauges
A broad selection of our Amest monitoring devices is designed for the control of dimensions and product shapes and for control of a working cycle in cylindrical and centre grinders. They are equipped with metering head with easily adjustable arms, pneumatic feed unit and evaluating electronic Amest MC-1 device, or the means for connecting via a PROFIBUS collector.
The arms’ ends of the metering head are equipped with exchangeable indicator contacts, which are supplied in a broad selection according to the character of metering and the shape of the part being measured, or per customer’s request.
version type application
1 EC-3-EH External smooth surfaces
2 EC-3-IH Internal smooth and discontinuous surfaces with rebound
3 EC-3-EP External discontinuous surfaces
4 EC-3-AS Single-arm axial measuring instrument
5 EC-3-AP Single-arm axial measuring instrument with rebound
6 EC-3-EH:Z Suspension measuring instrument for external smooth surfaces
Other variants of our monitoring devices can be compiled by a suitable combination of individual elements, again, depending on the customers’ needs.
The Amest monitoring devices are to be installed directly to the support, or the machine’s base and are easily adjustable to a different dimension and shape of the controlled part. They are equipped with very sensitive differential induction sensing indicators and special mechanism for controlling the offset bend in measuring the part with grooves, or recesses.

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