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BALTO : Primary and secondary DC injection test equipment

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Product description

STEVO Electric : Test Equipment for Circuit Breakers and Protection Relays
STEVO Electric started in 2003 with the development of test equipment for DC high-speed circuit breakers (DC-HSCB).  The product line was called BALTO and has gained worldwide market acceptance in the railway industry. 
Currently, BALTO is the leading test unit for DC-HSCB with references in  North and South America, Europe, China, Southeast-Asia and Africa.  Today’s BALTO series uses batteries and ultra capacitors to store energy.  The power units contain sophisticated electronics and act as current sources. They draw the energy from the batteries and ultra capacitors and inject a high current into the DC-HSCB.  This type of test equipment is often referred to as primary injection test equipment.  Up to 40,000A of DC current can be generated to test the DC-HSCB.
In 2016, STEVO Electric launched its BALTO CONTROLLER, a test unit for  protection relays.  This type of equipment is referred to as secondary injection test equipment.  The BALTO CONTROLLER can be used as a stand-alone unit for testing protection relays as well as in conjunction with the BALTO Modular for testing DC-HSCB.
Primary injection test equipment
STEVO Electric provides two versions of the BALTO Compact that generate currents up to 3,000A or 4,000A.
The compact version can optionally be equipped with hardware and software to perform secondary injections for the testing of protection relays.
The BALTO Compact consists of two modules,  the common control unit with batteries and an ultra-capacitor, and a power unit.  The Compact series is very easy to handle and was developed for applications on rolling stock.
STEVO Electric supplies the BALTO Modular 3,000-30,000A, which generates up to 15,000A on a single trolley, and up to 30,000A with two trolleys in a master-slave configuration.
The company also provides the BALTO Modular 4,000A-40,000A, which produces up to 20,000A on a single trolley, and up to 40,000A with two trolleys.
The BALTO Modular consists of  a trolley equipped with batteries and ultra capacitors,  a maximum of  five power modules per trolley and a BALTO CONTROLLER.  This transportable unit was developed mainly for use in substations.
Features of the BALTO series
BALTO products comply with EN 50123-2 and IEC 61992-2 standards (slope of 200 A/sec during 5 sec for accurate measurement of Ids current).
They come with a user-friendly, industry-grade touchscreen control unit, which provides accurate graphical representations of the test results.  All results are stored into memory for retrieval at a later time.
All models  provide auto-diagnostics and auto-calibration functions.  An RJ45 and USB connector is available for retrieval of test results.
Standard tests of the BALTO series
The BALTO primary injection test set can measure the Ids,  di/dt, opening time and voltage drop / resistance of DC high-speed circuit breakers.  It can also be used to calibrate auxiliary equipment.
The tests provide accurate measurements according to IEC 61992-2 (200 A/sec slope)
Options of the BALTO series
STEVO Electric offers the BALTO Win software for offline processing of test results, as well as a tool for calibrating the BALTO systems.
The company also offers tools for easy handling of the BALTO modular and different types of bus-bar systems.   Hardware and software customization is done on request.
Secondary injection test equipment
The BALTO CONTROLLER enables quick and easy testing of  DC protection relays.  It provides outputs ranging from 60mV to 10V.
The product offers flexible simulation of current patterns, including curves from standard BALTO tests, exponential curves, and broken line curves for testing functions such as di/dt,  DDL + Delta I and DDL + Delta T.
The BALTO CONTROLLER can be used in conjunction with the BALTO Modular, and its supported vendors include Secheron, Siemens and Rwaytech.


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STEVO Electric bvba


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The Company
STEVO Electric b.v.b.a. is the pioneer in test equipment for DC high speed circuit breakers and protection relays. Its BALTO series of primary injection equipment was introduced in 2003. In the mean time, over 100 units are in service all over the world. Major transit agencies are using the BALTO system in cities like New York, London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Berlin. Other users are national railways with a DC infrastructure, manufacturers of circuit breakers, train builders, accreditation agencies and big maintenance companies.

Primary injection test equipment
STEVO Electric has compact primary injection test units for rolling stock. These models can provide a maximum current of 3.000A or 4.000A.

For testing the DC high speed circuit breakers in the substations, STEVO Electric offers modular systems. The power units can provide a maximum current of either 3.000A or 4.000A. 5 modules can be easily mounted on a single trolley to provide a maximum current of 15.000A or 20.000A. In a master-slave configuration, maximum currents up to 40.000A can be reached.

The BALTO equipment was designed according to the IEC 61992-2 standard which specifies the requirements for DC circuit breakers for use in fixed installations of traction systems. The system has batteries and ultra-capacitors on board and only requires a standard power outlet of 4A during operation.

Secondary injection test equipment
The BALTO CONTROLLER is a test unit for performing secondary injections. The unit simulates the output of the shunt and provides output voltages ranging from 90 mV up to 10V. Any type of waveform can be programmed by the user. This makes it easy to test Imax, di/dt or any other function of the protection relay.

Breaker Control Drive (BCD)
The BCD is a device to open/close DC High Speed Circuit Breaker. It works with all voltage levels between 24VDC and 110VDC. The device is universal in the sense that it can close/open breakers of various breaker manufacturers.

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