DC-DC Power Module

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United Kingdom

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 2.2 206
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Product description

'The next generation of power electronic converters - our innovative DC-DC Power Module'

The Rolling Stock market is moving towards more compact, lightweight, reliable, highly efficient and low-carbon systems to reduce the through life costs of railway vehicles. Turbo Power Systems (TPS) design and manufacture bespoke Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) systems with varying input and output voltages.

TPS has designed and developed an innovative DC-DC Power Module using cutting edge Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, which forms the input conversion stage of the APS. The SiC mosfets operate using a higher switching frequency than standard silicon, resulting in size and weight reductions for materially lower switching losses and, thus, higher efficiency.

This Power Module is designed for a high input voltage (400-1500 VDC) and high power (100kW) rating, which also provides galvanic isolation for the APU to ensure consumer safety. The intended application is principally for power conversion and isolation on board new rail vehicles. The module works with a wide input voltage variation and produces a stable fixed Direct Current (DC) output voltage in various selections up to 750 VDC nominal.

Based on extensive tests carried out, we have improved the efficiency of our APS, thereby reducing power losses for the train manufacturers and contributing to a greener use of energy.This unit provides an isolated and stabilised DC output for applications in power conversion.

The applications for this technology are where a variable DC supply voltage requires stabilising and the APU itself isolating for consumer safety. For example: Railway power converters, Battery chargers, High power photovoltaic systems and Isolated power transfer for electricity distribution.

What are the benefits?

• High conversion efficiency and reduced losses – over 96% at full load.
• Flexible to cater for a wide input voltage range – between 500-1500 VDC.
• Quiet and silent operation - ultrasonic operation at 20 kHz results in lower audible noise from magnetic components.
• Better thermal performance, hence simplified cooling requirements for improved reliability
• A smaller and lighter construction than was previously obtainable.
• Modular and scalable unit - capable of series or parallel operation for increased power capacity or higher voltage input.

Visit us to find out more about our award-winning DC-DC Power Module.

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