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Product description

The P110 telescopic hydraulic damper is designed for damping sprung masses on track vehicles: it enables reliable operation at temperatures from -40ºC to +50ºC up to a speed of 0.5m.s-1.

Technical parameters

Main parameters:

Damper diameter:
110 mm
Maximum damping force:
1 9 kN
Stroke range:
70-120 mm
Attenuation characteristics:
with bounding box

This damper was developed as a replacement for the friction dampers. Its main application is the primary chassis suspension of vehicles for passenger traffic. The working flow system consists of flow nozzles and plate (planchette) valves. Its simplicity is a prerequisite for good operational reliability.

By adjusting the flow system inside the steamer, different damping forces can be achieved. The most commonly used damping characteristic is 16.16 in kN.s.m-1. A maximum of 45.45 can be set.

The damping characteristics are set in such a way that the damping effects are limited at higher speeds. This ensures that the damper is protected against mechanical stress.
The Pl 1 0 damper is designed for use on vehicles where a large working stroke with minimum installation dimensions is required. This was achieved by relieving the main damper parts. The damper has a subtle design and its force load is limited to a maximum of 19 kN. The P110 dampers are manufactured in standard stroke lengths of 70 to 120 mm (10 mm each). The internal arrangement means that the P110 damper only operates in a vertical position with a maximum inclination of 30°.

ST-OS offers a wide range of end brackets for vehicles. As a standard, dampers are supplied with the piston rod mounted via rubber plates and with the lower mounting via rubber plates or by means of rubber buffers with a sleeve or with a pin.

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Strojirna Oslavany

Strojirna Oslavany


Exhibitor profile

  • Fully stabile private company
  • certified producer and supplier of hydraulic suppressors for rail borne vehicles, including repair shops and services
  • a sought after partner and supplier of large co operations in the field of precision machinery
  • average annual production: 4 5 ml. EUR (120 150 mil. CZK)
  • export share: 60 65%
  • average number of employees: 160
STROJIRNA OSLAVANY pays proper attention to keep up with the importance of quality which is the reason why the following certificates were acquired
  • ISO 9001 certificate from the Bureau Veritas Quality International London
  • A certificate from the company VSB ZERT Deutsche Akreditierungs Rat, for the H8 and P110 ranges in accordance with DIN 5540
  • A certificate from the company VSB ZERT Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH Verkehr Systeme Bahnen for the other type ranges P80 and R110 in accordance with DIN 5540
  • The qualification certificate of welding in accordance with DIN 6700 2 from SLV Berlin Brandenburg
Concerning quality of work of STROJIRNA OSLAVANY, the following mentioned sphere of their important clients in domestic and foreign markets testify:
Ceske drahy; Shiran, LOS Praha, s.r.o.; CKD Dopravni systemy Praha; Skoda, Dopravni technika, s.r.o.; MSV Ostrava, DEUTSCHE BAHN AG WERK DESSEAU; Bulharske zelznice; RAIL PARTS LOGISTICS AB; Vibratech USA

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