Express Service OOD


DZS Industrial Zone
7011 Ruse

Phone / Fax: show
Phone: +359 88 7412838
Fax: +359 82 822750
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Exhibitor profile

Railway passion since 1866

Express Service is a Bulgarian railway company. We have been servicing locomotives since 1866. Throughout these 150 years we have gained a lot of experience and deep understanding of locomotives. Nowadays we manufacture new diesel and battery locomotives and service electric and diesel locomotives of all Bulgarian freight operators.

Our new diesel locomotives offer great start tractive effort and very smooth engine-to-wheels torque transmission. We build 3 series of diesel shunters covering the power range required in most industrial applications. Unlike diesel shunters, battery locomotives are slower and have relatively small power. On the other hand – they have numerous advantages – lower price, lower running expense, almost no maintenance, silent operation, no emissions, and easier operation.

High start tractive effort and very low idling costs make our locos right choice for every shunting duty.

Traditionally we are the Bulgarian leader in providing locomotive services – from small running repairs to complete overhauls of both diesel and electric locomotives. At our factory in Ruse we have modern facilities and skilled personnel. Our main goal is to minimize locomotives’ downtime.

Express Service originated as locomotive repairs and maintenance company more than 150 years ago. We are proud with the experience and locomotive know-how gained throughout the years. At our modern factory in Ruse we service the mainline and shunting locomotives of all Bulgarian operators.
Besides running maintenance, we have experience with thorough repairs and overhauls as well. We are the right and reliable partner for solving any rolling stock problems. We work in accordance with ECM standards and are certified provider of locomotive maintenance functions.
Express Service is a licensed railway freight operator in Bulgaria. We have own fleet of diesel and battery shunters and service some industrial customers. Our competitive advantages are our repairs and maintenance facilities and our possibility to build own shunting locomotives.
At Express Service our vision is to create a better traction experience for everybody who needs railway locomotives. We are totally committed to the success of our customers, our employees and thus to the success of our own company.
We believe that we could significantly contribute to the success of our customers and to the general welfare of the railway business. We aim to do this in two ways – building new high quality and economic shunting locomotives and repairing and maintaining the locomotives of our customers.
Our top priority is continuous improvement. The quality of our locomotives and services, environmental conditions at our factory, work environment, and our processes efficiency need to be constantly reviewed and improved. Thanks to our customers, to their knowledge and experience, their cooperation, we target our industry good practices and best standards. We listen to both our customers and experienced employees to create better locomotives and to perform better repairs.

We practice an open doors policy – customers, railway professionals, locomotive enthusiasts and just everyone else is warmly welcome to our factory in Ruse, Bulgaria.