External Side Skirts

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InnoTrans 2020 InnoTrans 2018

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50067 Rignano sull' Arno Province of Florence

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InnoTrans 2020 InnoTrans 2018
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Product description


Specific side skirts systems, applying advanced solutions for welding and bonding that allow the use of low thickness structural elements, able to resist the high mechanical stress affecting a train that travels up to 400 km/h through tunnels.
The side skirts are the lateral fairings placed between one bogie and another of a car body and they allow access to the equipment located in the underbody.
The side skirts also serve to optimize aerodynamic flow, to reduce noise and to protect the equipment located in the underbody from atmospheric agents and dust.
The side skirts differ one from each other in size and by whether or not they have certain accessories (flaps, grids, screens and filters).


Our side skirts are:
  • Entirely made from aluminium alloy (excluding gaskets and locks) and obtained by means of an external press-bent sheet (thickness 1,5 mm) that is spot welded to an internal frame essentially constituted by two longitudinal aluminium profiles at the top and at the bottom and by a series of transversal moulded ribs;
  • Hinged on the lower part and can therefore be opened without having to remove them;
  • Fixed on the upper part thanks to two independent safety locks;
  • Equipped with gaskets that guarantee an IP34 protection level;
  • Equipped with safety hook to keep them from falling when the locks are open;
  • Kept in the horizontal position (once opened) thanks to special wire ropes.


Thanks to the overlapping of side edges our side skirts solution doesn't need
any further transversal supporting brackets on the underbody.


The accessories present in each side skirt vary depending on the equipment to which the side skirt allows access.
  1. AIR grids
The AIR grid is present on all side skirts enclosing a system that requires circulation of air from the outside.
An AIR grid is a mechanical centrifugal force separator; primarily it separates the largest drops and particles coming from the outside
and makes them slide down, where they are expelled to the outside.
  1. Winter screens
All side skirts fitted with AIR grid also have a winter screen.
The winter screen is placed in front of the AIR grid and is composed of a dense metal mesh supported by a frame which lets the particles separated by the air escape freely at the bottom.
  1. G2 filters
The G2 filter, placed downstream of the AIR grid, retains any dust residue.
The technical characteristics of G2 filters are provided below:
Weight 120 g/m2
Thickness 10 mm
Arrestance 70%
Initial pressure drop (2m/s) 22 Pa
Final pressure drop (2m/s) < 250 Pa
Dust accumulation capacity 650 g/m2
  1. Flaps
Some side skirts are fitted with flaps that allow access to the components located in the underbody without having to open the entire side skirt (i.e. fresh water topping nozzle, black water emptying nozzle, braking unit components, 3 kV equipment). The flaps have a square key lock and they are hinged at the bottom.
  1. Windows
The windows make it possible to view the instruments installed in the underbody (i.e. pressure gauges, braking indicator and water level indicator) without having to open the entire side skirt.