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SI-3000 Celje

InnoTrans 2018
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Exhibitor profile

FOKUS TECH is a private company founded in 2015. Our business in the field of railways is aimed at ensuring the safety of rail transport.

3D obstacle detection systems

We are developing advanced 3D sensors and laser scanners for use in railway safety applications. Our systems are designed to detect obstacles and monitor dangerous areas such as level crossings, station platforms, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, places under the road overpasses etc.

We can detect dangerous situations such as cars or people who remain stuck at the level crossing, passengers who have fallen from the station platform to the track, lost load and other objects that have fallen from overpasses, landslides, avalanches, mud, rocks, trees and other dangerous obstacles.

Our devices operate in all lighting conditions (day, night, direct sunlight) and in the most severe weather conditions. Obstacles can be reliably detected regardless of the type of material.

The detection threshold of a dangerous object can be set according to its size or other parameters that are relevant for a specific safety application.

Monitoring of larger perimeters can be performed by several separate sensors connected to a common control system.

Advisory services

Our activities cover also the following areas of consulting:
  • participation in the interoperability verification procedures carried out by the Notified Bodies (NoBo) for the Command-Control and Signalling Subsystem (TSI CCS) and the Energy Sub-System (TSI ENE)
  • participation in procedures carried out by the notified bodies (DeBo) for verifying compliance with the national regulations
  • assessment of damage to railway infrastructure (telecommunications, signalling systems and overhead contact lines)
  • project design and supervision