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Exhibitor profile

FlexiCAM Large-Format 3-, 4- and 5-Axis CNC Routers for Railway, Tram and Metro Applications

With constant innovations to the product line and commitment to high quality products with an excellent price-performance ratio, FlexiCAM has become a worldwide industry leader in 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers.

FlexiCAM offers state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions for railway, tram and metro manufacturing, such as:

Processing of large scale aluminum and composite sheets
The use of tough, weldable, formable, and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys has made them the material class of choice for weight sensitive train, tram and metro applications with a high recycle value.
By using aluminum and composite materials manufacturers can design with high-speed capability, high payloads, long life, and low maintenance costs.

With FlexiCAM’s high performance chip extraction system that allows recycling of aluminum chips, and the Nested Base Manufacturing (NBM) of aluminum parts, you can expect less waste and increased productivity.

The excellent edge finish and extremely tight tolerances of the cut no longer require secondary processing of the parts thus the parts and edges are ready for bending, welding, etc.

Pocketing, grooving, drilling and tapping of parts as well as milling off welds are likewise possible within machining operation, as well as printing part numbers, aligning marks and folding lines directly onto the parts before cutting.

Manufacturing of Patterns, Molds, Jigs and Prototypes
Large dimension patterns, molds, jigs and prototypes can be produced in high quality from a single workpiece or large sections by using FlexiCAM’s large format 5-axis CNC machining centers.

Trimming, Drilling and Cutting of Aluminum and Composite Parts
The machining of aluminum and composite parts for railways, tramways and metros requires consistent quality of finished parts with tight tolerances.

FlexiCAM offers a wide range of CNC router solutions for the processing of aluminum and composite components as well as complete assemblies for train, tram and metro car bodies, sides and roofs including window and door openings.
These high speed 5-axis CNCs are machining all commonly used materials in the railway industry such as wood, sandwich panels, honeycomb and foam core materials, glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP / CFRP), epoxy, polyester, phenolic, EPS, PU, as well as many other advanced composites.

Trains and Transportation Systems Interior Solutions
FlexiCAM CNC Routers can be used for a wide variety of applications in railway interior such as: manufacturing ceilings, galleys and catering modules, lavatories, partitions, storage units, interior and exterior doors, tables and many more.

Countertops (Solid Surface)
Any highly frequented transport environment is heavily exposed to dirt and moisture, yet must be easily returned to hygienic freshness to be attractive to travelers.
FlexiCAM CNC routers are one of the most versatile tools for any solid surface operation having the ability to cut, chamfer, rout, inlay, engrave, v-groove and drill.

Machining Aluminum Extrusions
FlexiCAM offers 3, 4 and 5 axis solutions for all operations required in machining aluminum extrusions, such as routing, milling, drilling and tapping. Due to the large machine sizes available, all operations can be performed while the extrusion is stationary.

With numerous offices and technology centers all over the world (including India and United Arab Emirates), FlexiCAM offers pre- and post-sale technical consultancy, customer coaching, a prompt and qualified after-sales support and fast supply of spare parts.

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