IVM s.r.l.


Via B. Brin 59, int. C18
80142 Napoli Campania

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall B, CityCube 204
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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Exhibitor profile

Innovative Vibration Monitoring

IVM develops monitoring and diagnostic systems specialized for the railway industry.

The main focus of the IVM’s products is the measurement of what happens at the wheel/rail interface, both in static and dynamic conditions.

IVM considers that a product should be characterized by a continuous improvement, in order to keep up with the modern technology, always in evolution, to compete successfully on the ever more demanding market.

For this purpose, IVM only realizes products for which it is able to develop all its parts completely using only internal resources and for this it invests about 30% of its resources in R&D activities.

IVM considers that an advanced monitoring and diagnostic system should be characterized by a big amount of sensors and by a large acquired data quantities, that should be managed by modern Big Data techniques and analyzed in a integrated way, even with the support of machine learning techniques. The most widely used sensing elements by IVM is the MEMS accelerometer sensors, a constantly developing technology with even more interesting applications scenario. Thanks to the accelerometers, is possible to measure the vibrations of a mechanical system subjected to dynamic mechanical stress variable during the time. These vibrations contain a wide amount of information related to the proper functioning of the mechanical system.

The IVM’s main products are:
  • POWERVE - POrtable WEigher for Railway VEhicles
  • SWAN-T - Smart Wayside Accelerometric Network for Track
  • IQM-WTI - Innovative Quality Monitor Of Wheelsets/Track Interaction
INNOTRANS 2018's participation is co-financed by the European Union, by the Italian State and by the Region of Campania, within the ROP Campania ERDF 2014-2020