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International Bus Forum: Is the future electric? Strategies for e-busses between climate protection and austerity dictates

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Day 24 Sep 2020  Download
Time 14:00 - 15:30
Type Panel discussion

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Bus transport is crucial to serving both public transport and long-distance travel needs. Due to its flexibility and capacity to bundle resources it will also be integral to transport systems in the future. However, the climate protection goals set forth by the EU and federal government can only be met by consistently converting bus fleets into alternative powertrains.

Transport companies have already taken action and for a number of years have been trialling electric buses. Recent technological advances have resulted in huge progress being made in the fields of powertrains, energy storage, range management and charging points. The industry has clearly signalled its desire to fully convert its fleets, a part of which is to be assisted by public development programmes.

What is the climate protection impact of electric buses on transport? Do alternatives to electric buses exist? What are the demands being placed on new bus generations? What are the strategies being pursued by manufacturers, transport companies, and political decision-makers to get a transition to alternative powertrains in bus transport under way? Should one reconsider converting bus fleets as a result of the economic burden of Covid-19? What is the funding framework and what kind of innovation is required? These are just some of the topics that will be discussed in the video talk.

You can find the programme here.

Language: German
The English translation of the video talk will be available from 1 October.

This event has already taken place. You will find a recording of the Webinar below.



DVF | German Transport Forum: In the future electric? Strategies for the e-Bus

The bus plays a central role as a means of transport for both local and long-distance traffic. Due to its flexibility and bundling capacity, it will also have a firm place in the transport system of the future. However, the climate protection targets set by the EU and the German government can only be achieved by consistently converting fleets to alternative propulsion systems.

Transport companies have already taken action and e-buses have been in test operation for several years. Recent technological developments are leading to a surge in performance in the areas of propulsion, energy storage, range management and charging stations. There is a clear commitment from the industry to comprehensive fleet conversions, some of which are to be accompanied by public funding programmes.

What role does the e-bus play in climate protection in transport? Are there alternatives to the e-bus? What are the requirements for the new bus generations? What strategies are being pursued by manufacturers, transport companies and politicians to advance the drive for a turnaround in bus transport? Is the fleet conversion to be reassessed due to the economic burden of the Covid19 situation? What funding backdrop and what culture of innovation are required?
These and other topics will be discussed in our video talk.

Language: German


Deutsches Verkehrsforum e.V.

Deutsches Verkehrsforum e.V.


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