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MAV Központi Felepitmenyvisgalo Kft


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Railway Infrastructure
Railway Infrastructure


Peceli Str. 2


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +36 3474010
Fax: +36 3474015

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Track measuring, rail inspection; analysis, evaluation

Scope of activities of the Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd.:
  • Geometric measurement of tracks and geometric condition survey;
  • Measurement, examination and qualification of railway rails;
  • Qualification of new and used superstructure materials;
  • Examination of bridges;
  • Examination of substructures;
  • Vehicle testing;
  • Development related to rail measurement, examination and line maintenance;
Track diagnostics:
  • Geometrical measurement of mainlines and main through tracks on stations with the measuring car FMK-004;
  • Eddy current measuring with the measuring car FMK-004;
  • Measurement of vehicle dynamic and the track geometry with the FMK-007 measuring car;
Rail diagnostics:
  • Ultrasonic rail testing (manual, mechanical);
  • Rail tension measurement;
  • Rail profile measurement (manual, mechanical);
  • Rail corrugation measuring (manual, mechanical);
  • Eddy current measuring (manual, mechanical);
  • Qualification of welding (ultrasonic testing, geometrical measurement on 1m basis by straightness testing device);
Superstructural material qualification:
  • Qualification of rails and other rolled superstructural materials;
  • Qualification and acceptance of different switch type, superstructural constructions and their basic materials and semi-finished components;
  • Qualification and acceptance of superstructural tie-elements, rubber and plastic goods, aluminothermic flux powders;
  • Requalification of used superstructural materials;
  • Examination and qualification of the industrial tracks' superstructural material;
  • Examination and qualification of superstructural constructions and fastenings;
Bridge diagnostics:
  • Regular and occasional examination of existing bridges (railway, road, pedestrian, signalling and protective; bridges), hall structures and crane tracks (trouble shooting, qualification, determination of the repairing methods by giving the technical details), load tests;
  • Technical supervision during the major overhaul of bridges (painting, bridge-sleeper replacement, repairs and replacement of load-bearing elements), technical supervision, qualification and qualitative acceptance of the work
  • Qualification of track materials;
  • Manufacturing, installation, examinations during the construction, qualifications, compiling of quality-controlling documentation;
  • III. degree bridge examination before putting into operation;
  • Load test;
Substructure diagnostics:
  • Isotopic soil compactness test of the railway earthwork;
  • Substructural examinations;
Vehicle testing:
  • Static & dynamic strength of vehicle bodies, bogie frames &parts;
  • Quasi-static derailment safety;
  • Static &dynamic braking performance, wheel slide protection (WSP);
  • Running behaviour (safety against derailment, lateral running stability, ride comfort, tilt coefficient, vibration exposure);
  • Running gear & traction drive dynamics;
  • static & pass-by noise, internal noise;
  • Traction & energetics;
Other activities:
  • Maintenance of superstructural measuring equipments;
  • Maintenance and verification of manual gauge measuring equipments (new and used);
  • Production and maintenance of manual measuring equipments;
  • Fatigue-, preparing stress test of rail welding and permanent track lines;