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Exhibitor profile

Multitel, your reliable partner for ERTMS tests

Multitel is a recognized Innovation Centre supported by a multidisciplinary team of 70 engineers working in different areas: signal processing, optical fiber applications, human-machine interfaces, image processing, computer network management, electronics and railway certification.

The Railway Certification department of Multitel has several independent laboratories, which are ISO17025 accredited (427-test BELAC) for tests according to ERTMS standard Subset-026, Subset-094, Subset-076 (on-board unit EVC), and Subset-036, Subset-085 (trackside Eurobalise/BTM).

Multitel is the first laboratory in the world which obtained this accreditation for Subset-076 tests. We provide test solutions for railway equipments (onboard computer, Balise, Balise transmission module…) and railway components according to ERTMS standard. Besides, we offer performance and reliability tests solutions to railway industry; maintenance solutions and train/track validation and validation support of ERTMS deployment to railway infrastructure manager.

Our laboratories are capable of testing complex environments, with multiple trains and its interactions with multiple onboard equipment (EVC), Radio Block Centres (RBC) or Interlock equipment (IXL), with our simulators or against real equipment. They are fully flexible, offering formal tests together with on-demand test services, during the development and pre-certification phases for EVC, EUROBALISE/BTM, ETCS components development.
Several test campaigns performed for different railway manufacturers have allowed Multitel to acquire the expertise in developing of multiple tools which can be adapted to fit the specificity of the tested equipment. Multitel is capable of developing and adapting any tool/solution in support of EVC tests according to the specific requirement of the customer.

Thanks to different software and hardware tools developed by Multitel, our railway certification department delivers the most detailed reports in the fastest time. Indeed, our tools automate ERMTS tests for the certification process, even for remote tests, all in support to ERTMS expert validations. The architecture of the test tools developed by Multitel, allows remote tests and distributed tests (onboard equipment in one country, RBC and interlocking in another country). This expertise makes Multitel today the leading ERTMS test laboratory in the world.

Last but not least, the Railway Certification department of Multitel is one of a few laboratories recognized by ERA (European Railway Agency) for the development of ERTMS tests. The department contributes to the improvement of the ERTMS standard and is one of the responsible laboratories for the development of Baseline 3 tests for the ERA.

Our services:
  • ERTMS Equipment tests and validation (Train/Track)
  • ERTMS component tests: Subset-026, Subset-094, Subset-076 (EVC/ATP – onboard train computer), Subset-036, Subset-085 (Balise and BTM testing), Subset-074 (STM), RBC, Subset-111, IXL, DMI
  • Performance and reliability tests
  • Maintenance solutions
  • Safety
  • Tools: DEM (DMI Event Manager) to record and identify the events (icons, text, gauges) in the DMI (Driver Machine Interface), SA-TAV to process all the information exchanged by the EVC and perform a validation of its behaviour, DMI robot, Eurobalise/BTM mini test bench, Eurobalise analysis...

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