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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


Waagner-Biro-Strasse 125
8020 Graz


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +43 316 228454
Fax: +43 316 22845415

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Präzision aus Faszination

PJ Messtechnik is an engineering consulting company specialising in testings of railway vehicles and railway infrastructure and a testing laboratory accredited according ISO/IEC 17025 in the areas running behaviour, service fatigue strength, brake and noise. Our testing laboratory is also approved by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) in the area of strength testing. PJM is entitled to make expert´s reports in the context of technical certification and type approval.

PJ Messtechnik offers different customized and standardized measurements at railway vehicles and its components. We conduct dynamic behaviour tests as well as operational resistance tests on railway components to proof the reliability of the vehicle.

Our experienced team also performs tests for braking systems and ride comfort analyses.

Our customers benefit from our services all from under one roof: our range of services starts from planning, first estimates through finite-element analysis, construction, multi-body simulation, data acquisition and analysis of measured data until preparing expert’s reports. PJM will be a qualified business partner at your side.

Alongside measurement and data analysis capabilities, we also offer specialized sensors for railway vehicles. They are continuously used during our own measurement projects. The feedback received from our field test engineers allows for continuous enhancement and improvement. Therefore we are confident that our high quality products are fully tried-and-tested over years of operating in a harsh railway environment.

Telematics for Freight Waggon Monitoring:
WaggonTracker is a self-sufficient durable position tracking and mileage capturing system for freight cars with extended monitoring capabilites. Digital and analogue input ports as well as a CAN-BUS interface integrate additional sensors and complex applications. Monitoring includes e.g. running performance, load status and high accelerations, including position and date of  occurance. 
The position of the vehicle is recorded using a GPS system and the calculation of mileage is based on contacless counting the revolutions of the wheel electronically.
The waggon’s position, mileage and condition monitoring data is transferred to a central server event-triggered as well as at regular intervals. 

The system can be extended by attaching sensors or autonomous applications to the base system. 
The system can be customized to provide the following information: 
  •  Hot box detection
  •  Running behaviour 
  •  Load condition (overloading, asymmetric loading)
  •  Signalization / alarm indication on car while loading
  •  Derailment diagnosis* 
  •  Impact detection
  •  Handbrake status 
  •  Flat wheel detection*
  •  Protect against incorrect use (overloading, wrong usage reporting, etc.) 
  •  Acceleration
  •  Humidity and temperature 
  •  Door opening (intruder alert, CCTV)
  •  etc. 
WaggonTracker ADV has been developed espescially for freight cars and provides a stable long-term platform for nearly every use case. 

WaggonTracker can also act as a power supply to external systems (up to 5kW peak).

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